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  • Nigel has been an enormous help to me in setting up my business. He is across so many aspects of running a small business, but especially the marketing. He is very knowledgable and thoughtful in recommending strategies to build a client base and gain momentum. This includes advising on what's worth spending money on, and what isn't. And he's very personable. Highly recommended.

    Gail Greatorex, Product Safety Solutions
  • Nigel helped me build a ecommerce site. Not only did we make a great looking site but he gave me great direction on how to get people to my site through SEO and online marketing. Nigel is easy to get along with and very attentive. Lugville-Hard Wearing Bags for Musicians
    Luke Hynes, Lugville
  • Nigel works quickly but sensitively. His teaching is respectful, purposeful, and stimulating. In a very short time we created a website for my film-making interests. I thoroughly enjoyed my IT experience despite being fearful at the outset. I am thrilled with the outcome, and the cost.
    Brian Walsh, Kailash Studios
  • With our original provider it was difficult to get anything updated. Now it’s easy and looks terrific as well. Plus we are getting up to 20 000 visitors per month. Thanks Nigel!
    Fellowship Association, First Fleet Fellowship
  • We started up a US business distributing the paramedic kits used by most Australian ambulance services along with the first aid kits used by the CFA. Nigel helped me build a website that got our business onto the buying list of one of the largest ambulance services in America.
    Mark Bainbridge, Priority Care EMS
  • Nigel built a website for my Property Styling Business where I work with my client so they can get the best value for their property prior to selling it –I've been getting bookings from my website.
    Michelle Piggot, Enhance 2 Enrich